COVID-19 PPE Appeal for Hospitals in Brooklyn


March 25, 2020


Dear Second District Members:

As most of you are aware, there is a tremendous shortage of PPE available to the hospitals serving our New York City communities, including a dozen or so hospitals in Brooklyn.


The leadership of the Second District recognize that need and have pledged to do our best to help, but we need your participation. Arrangements for donations to Staten Island hospitals have already been taken care of with assistance from our membership practicing on Staten Island. Now, we are asking the members of Second District practicing in Brooklyn to consider donating spare PPE from your private office to the hospitals in Brooklyn.


Several hospitals are accepting donations of PPE. They are listed below with their instructions for delivery to that institution:


Maimonides Medical Center

Please email and include your name, phone number and type of item you would like to donate.


Interfaith Medical Center

Contact Dr. David Miller by email:, Hospital: (718) 613-7407, Cell: (516) 383-5100


Coney Island Hospital

Members can drop off the supplies at Coney Island Hospital, 2601 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11224. Main building. Entrance on Shore Parkway side. They can ask the security guard to call the Emergency Command Center (718-616-0631) and someone from the Command Center will come down to pick up the supplies. The Emergency Command Center is staffed 24/7. If it’s a large shipment, kindly give us a heads up, so we can arrange for some muscle.


We would kindly ask that whatever hospital you choose to donate to, you send Second District an email to to let us know what you donated, how much and to which institution it was directed.


We will update this list on the SDDS website as we receive further information from the other Brooklyn hospitals.

Paul Albicocco, DMD

President, Second District Dental Society