SDDS Dental School Loan Forgiveness Program


In recognition of the increasingly troublesome dental school loan debt problem, the SDDS Board of Trustees has established a program to lighten the load for some deserving new dentists who have chosen to call Brooklyn or Staten Island their professional home. The loan forgiveness program will provide for several awards to new dentists in amounts up to $10,000. Although the award is a one-time grant, awardees may reapply in subsequent years and are eligible to receive up to three awards as long as they meet the other program criteria. This means recipients may be eligible for up to $30,000 in loan forgiveness awards. The grants will be paid directly to the recipient's loan provider on their behalf.

To be considered for the program, applicants must:


  • Be newly licensed dentists who have had their licenses for less than five years
  • Be active members of Second District Dental Society
  • Have over $50.000 in certifiable dental school loan debt
  • Be practicing the majority of the time in Brooklyn and/or Staten Island


For full program eligibility details and to complete an application, visit Applicants will need to provide demographic information, send dental school transcripts and complete three essays that will distinguish them to the SDDS Loan Forgiveness Program Committee. Applicants will also need to have their current employer complete a directed recommendation form, illustrating their character and leadership skills. Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2017, after which the SDDS Loan Forgiveness Program Committee will then sort through the applications and present the winning applications to the SDDS Board for final approval. Winners will be notified in June 2017 and the funds drawn soon after.


So don't delay! Go to and submit your application today. We hope to help some future SDDS leaders overcome at least part of their loan debt...why not YOU?