Second District Standing Committees - 2018

The future of dentistry depends upon dentists becoming leaders and steering their profession in the right direction. All members of the Society may serve on committees when appointed, including sub-committees of the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). Each year the president-elect begins the process of formulating appointments to the SDDS standing committees for the following year. We encourage all members with an interest in serving on any of the committees listed below to call SDDS at (718) 522-3939 or send us an email.



The Administrative Committee assists the President and Executive Director in performing their duties and makes recommendations to the Board on issues related to the employed staff.


Mitchell D. Mindlin, Chair (2018)
Raymond A. Flagiello, Librarian Curator (2018)
Howard I.A. Lieb, House Chair (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2019)
Steven Gounardes (2019)



The Audit Committee audits the Treasurer's annual report.


Mitchell D. Mindlin, Chair (2018)
John P. Demas (2020)
Michael J. Donato, Jr. (2019)
Marc Meiselman (2018)


Benevolent Fund 

The Benevolent Fund Committee consists of the Officers of the Society who serve as Trustees of the SDDS Benevolent Fund. The Committee investigates and acts upon all applications for aid or contributions from the Benevolent Fund in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Benevolent Fund Indenture of Trust.


Paul S. Albicocco, Chair (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein, President (2018)
Alyson K. Buchalter, President-Elect (2018)
Babak Bina, Secretary (2018)
Michael J. Donato, Jr., Treasurer (2018)
Raymond A. Flagiello, Librarian-Curator (2018)


Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee receives all resolutions of amendment to the Bylaws for review and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. It also periodically reviews the Bylaws to recommend to the Board changes that would improve the administrative procedures of the Society.


Paul S. Albicocco, Chair (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola, Immediate Past President (2018)
Babak Bina (2018)
Michael L. Costa (2019)
John P. Demas (2020)
Steven Gounardes (2018)
Tricia Quartey (2020)
Craig S. Ratner (2019)


Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for developing all the educational programs other than the General Membership meetings and the Friday Morning Seminars for the ensuing year. Members of the Committee also serve as presiding chairpersons for assigned courses.


William W. Bongiorno, Chair (2018)
Paul S. Albicocco (2019)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2018)
Saad A. Butt (2019)
Lorna E. Flamer-Caldera (2018)
Kristine A. Hassan (2018)
Gary Klemons (2019)
Phyllis G. Merlino (2019)
Mitchell D. Mindlin (2018)
Shahram Shekib (2019) 
Alyson K. Buchalter, Consultant (2018)


Dental Benefits Programs

The Dental Benefit Programs Committee is responsible for assisting with and keeping our members informed on dental health and third party dental insurance programs.


Alyson K. Buchalter, Chair (2018)
Steven Backer (2018)
Philip Buccigrossi, Jr. (2018)
David Dayan (2018)
Mark R. Herzog (2018)
Valerie Venterina (2018)
Lawrence J. Weiss (2018)
Mitchell T. Zientz (2018)


Dental Health Planning & Hospital Dentistry

The Dental Health Planning and Hospital Dentistry Committee develops plans and programs and works with all other concerned organizations to make better oral health care available for the public.


Alvin D. Fried, Chair (2021)
Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña, Governmental Affairs Chair (2019)
Reneida E. Reyes, Oral Health Chair (2018)
Valerie Venterina, Staten Island Representative (2018)
Tricia Quartey, Membership Chair (2019)
Babak Bina, Consultant (2018)
Ricardo A. Boyce, Consultant (2018)
Steven Gounardes, Consultant (2018)
Alfred C. Joseph, Consultant (2018)
Deborah A. Pasquale, Consultant (2018)
Donald R. Ratcliffe, Consultant (2018)
Giselle F. Richard, Consultant (2018)
James J. Sconzo, Consultant (2018)


Dental Practice

The Dental Practice Committee studies and disseminates to the Board of Trustees and the membership factors that affect the economics and practice management in dentistry.


John P. Demas, Chair (2019)
Paul S. Albicocco (2018)
Saad A. Butt (2018)
Craig S. Ratner (2018)
Sandra S. Scibetta (2018) 
Ronald Turchak (2018)
Joseph E. Turchiano (2018)
Valerie Venterina (2018)


District Claims

The District Claims Committee works with providers of professional liability insurance to protect the valid interests of our members.


John S. McIntyre, Chair (2019)
Abraham Ancselovics (2019)
Ralph G. Attanasi (2018)
John S. Cavallaro, Jr. (2018)
Man Sing Cheung (2019)
Jacques Doueck (2018)
Yaela E. Faitlowicz Gayer (2019)
Robert M. Hersh (2018)
Howard I.A. Lieb (2020)
John S. McIntyre (2019)
Mitchell D. Mindlin (2020)
Steven Richard Schwartz (2020)
Stuart L. Segelnick (2018)
Paul W. Teplitsky (2020)
Michael Zidile (2020)
Babak Bina, Consultant (2018)
Cherry Libramonte, Consultant (2018)
Tricia Quartey, Consultant (2018) 
Sandra S. Scibetta, Consultant (2018)
Dara A. Siegel, Consultant (2018)
Ardeshir Taheri-Tafreshi, Consultant (2018)
Theodore S. Wohl, Consultant (2018)


District Relief

The District Relief Committee investigates and reviews applications for temporary financial assistance made necessary because of a hardship.


Reneida E. Reyes, Chair (2018)
Scott B. Brustein (2018)
Robert P. Griswold (2018)
Tricia Quartey (2018)
Ronald Turchak (2018)



The Ethics Committee investigates complaints against a member dentist involving ethical behavior that are registered with the Society, the New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association.


Paul W. Teplitsky, Chair (2022)
Robert A. Sorrentino, Staten Island Representative (2018)
Ralph G. Attanasi (2018)
Babak Bina (2018)
Alyson K. Buchalter (2018)
Judah L. Chasky (2018)
Yaela E. Faitlowicz Gayer (2018)
Howard I.A. Lieb (2018)
Phyllis G. Merlino (2018)
Jeff C. Strachan (2018)

Finance & Budget

The Finance and Budget Committee supervises the finances of the Society and prepares a budget to be presented to the Board of Trustees for the ensuing year.


Steven Gounardes, Chair (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein, President (2018)
Alyson K. Buchalter, President-Elect (2018)
Michael J. Donato, Jr., Treasurer (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola, Immediate Past President (2018)
Babak Bina, Immediate Past Treasurer (2018)
Valerie Venterina, RCDS President-Elect (2018)
Raymond A. Flagiello (2019)
Steven Gounardes (2018)
Ankush A. Khanna (2020)
Howard I.A. Lieb (2021)
Joseph E. Turchiano (2022) 


Friday Morning Seminars

The Friday Morning Seminars Committee prepares a program of half day seminars for the following year. Members of the Committee also serve as presiding chairpersons for assigned courses.


John P. Demas, Chair (2018)
Scott B. Brustein (2018)
Michael N. Ettinger (2018)
Jeffrey M. Galler (2018)
Edward Jastremski (2018)
Jacqueline Pierre (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein (2018)
Ronald Turchak (2018)


Governmental Affairs

The Governmental Affairs Committee monitors all pending and passed legislation that affects the practice of dentistry and makes recommendations for actions and dissemination to the membership.


Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña, Chair (2019)
Alyson K. Buchalter, Dental Benefits Chair (2019)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2018)
Ricardo A. Boyce (2018)
Raymond A. Flagiello (2018)
Steven Gounardes (2018)
Mitchell D. Mindlin (2018)
Tricia Quartey (2018)
Craig S. Ratner (2018)
James E. Spencer (2018)
Valerie Venterina (2018) 


Greater New York Dental Meeting

The Greater New York Dental Meeting Organizational Committee consists of members from the Second District who, with counterparts from the New York County Dental Society, plan, develop and run the annual Greater New York Dental Meeting.


Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña, GNYDM General Chairman (2019)
Marc B. Gainor, GNYDM Advisory Chairman (2018) (NYCDS)
William W. Bongiorno (2020)
Alyson K. Buchalter (2018)
Michael L. Cali (2019)
Lorna E. Flamer-Caldera (2021)



The House Committee supervises the maintenance of the headquarters building and recommends needed repairs and improvements to the Board of Trustees.


Howard I.A. Lieb, Chair (2018)
Bernard W. Hackett, Executive Director (2018)
Raymond A. Flagiello, Librarian Curator (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2018)
Babak Bina (2018)
Michael J. Donato, Jr. (2018)
Mitchell D. Mindlin (2018)
Constantine G. Pavlakos (2018)



The Insurance Committee reviews Society endorsed insurance plans for members and insurance coverage necessary for the function of the Society. It may also recommend changes or additions to existing endorsed maintenance plans.


Robert Blashka, Chair (2020)
Bernard W. Hackett, Executive Director (2018)
Michael L. Costa (2018)
Richard L. Oshrain (2018)
Craig S. Ratner (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein (2018)
Erich G. Wunsch (2018)


Membership & Communications

The Membership and Communications Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of qualified dentists as members, development of programs to implement these responsibilities and to assure favorable public and professional relations.


Tricia Quartey, Chair (2020)
Alyson K. Buchalter, Dental Benefit Chair (2018)
Kristine A. Hassan, New Dentist Chair (2019)
Howard I.A. Lieb, Publications Chair (2018)
James J. Sconzo, Program Chair (2018)
Reneida E. Reyes, Oral Health Chair (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein, Peer Review Chair (2018)
Charles J. Mistretta, RCDS Vice President (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2019)
William W. Bongiorno (2019)
Alyson K. Buchalter (2018)
Man Sing Cheung (2019)
Laura M. Izzo (2019)
Alfred C. Joseph (2018)
Deborah A. Pasquale (2018)
Giselle F. Richard (2019)
Sophia Scantlebury (2019)
Ronald Turchak (2018)
Joseph E. Turchiano (2019) 


New Dentist

The New Dentist Committee identifies the special needs of the new dentist and recent graduates and develops programs to meet those needs.


Kristine A. Hassan, Chair (2020)
David Dayan (2019)
Bethany P. Harris (2019)
Laura M. Izzo (2018)
Andrew T. Moshman (2018)
Jacqueline Pierre (2019)
Tricia Quartey (2019)
Sophia Scantlebury (2019)
James J. Sconzo (2018)
Joseph E. Turchiano (2019)
Michael Zidile (2018)



The Nominating Committee develops a slate of candidates to fill vacancies in elected positions within the Society that will occur in the following year. The slate is presented to the membership for consideration and five other members are elected in April.


Sari R. Rosenwein, Chair (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola, Past President (2022)
Mitchell D. Mindlin, Past President (2021)
Philip Buccigrossi, Jr., Past President (2020)
Amrish K. Parikh, Past President (2018)
Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña, Past President (2019)
Alyson K. Buchalter, Observer (2018)


Oral Health

The Oral Health Committee disseminates information to the public to improve awareness of the need for good oral health and offers programs to implement good oral health.


Reneida E. Reyes, Chair (2018)
Scott B. Brustein, Staten Island Representative (2018)
Paul S. Albicocco (2018)
Lisa Alli-Lazzara (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2018)
Man Sing Cheung (2018)
Angela DeBartolo (2018)
Michael J. Donato, Jr. (2018)
Amy Herskovits (2018)
Lauro M. Izzo (2018)
Jennifer H. Katz (2018)
Susan Kolin-Liebman (2018)
Juana E. Luster (2018)
Joel L. Manley (2018)
Lauro F. Medrano-Saldaña (2018)
Phyllis G. Merlino (2018)
Deborah A. Pasquale (2018)
Tricia Quartey (2018)
Giselle F. Richard (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein (2018)
Sophia Scantlebury (2018)
James J. Sconzo (2018)
Stephen Scotto (2018)
Anna Marie Truncali (2018)


Peer Review & Quality Assurance

The Peer Review and Quality Assurance Committee conducts reviews of complaints lodged involving quality of care and determines their disposition.


Sari R. Rosenwein, Chair (2019)
Paul S. Albicocco (2022)
Paul Bernstein (2022)
Babak Bina (2020)
Ricardo A. Boyce (2021)
Michael L. Cali (2018)
Man Sing Cheung (2020)
Joann M. De Leonibus (2021)
Jacques Doueck (2021)
Alexis K. Fermanis (2019)
Lawrence E. Flaum (2021)
Alvin D. Fried (2019)
Murray Fryd (2022)
Jeffrey M. Galler (2019)
Peter M. Gershenson (2020)
Kristine A. Hassan (2019)
Edward Jastremski (2018)
Robert Lichtenstein (2018)
Jacqueline Pierre (2022)
Anthony Ramirez (2019)
Gisele F. Richard (2020)
Stephen Scotto (2018)
Gennadiy Simonovskiy (2018)
Ronald V. Speranza (2018)
Michael L. Steinberg (2018)
Jeff C. Strachan (2018)
Ronald Turchak (2020)
Valerie Venterina (2021)



The Program Committee plans and conducts the programs of the four General Membership meetings held annually. Members of the Committee also serve as presiding chairpersons for the evening sessions.


James J. Sconzo, Chair (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2018)
Lydia J. Lam (2018)
Tricia Quartey (2018)
Sari R. Rosenwein (2018)



The Publications Committee appoints an editorial staff and has jurisdiction over all publications of this Society, including those of the Branch Society.


Howard I.A. Lieb, Chair (2018)
Jeffrey M. Galler, Business Manager (2020)
Paul S. Albicocco, Secretary (2018)
Stuart L. Segelnick, Editor (2020)
Paul S. Albicocco (2018)
Babak Bina (2020)
Howard I.A. Lieb (2021)
Craig S. Ratner (2019)
Paul W. Teplitsky (2022) 


Reception & Entertainment

The Reception and Entertainment Committee arranges for dinners at scheduled meetings and is in charge of all social events.


John R. Halikias, Chair (2018)
Gabriel D. Ariola (2018)
Michael N. Ettinger (2018)
John S. McIntyre (2018)
Amanda E. Ouzer (2018)
Tricia Quartey (2018)


Senior Dentist

The Senior Dentist Committee identifies the special needs of the senior dentist and develops programs to address those needs.


Anthony L. DiMango, Chair (2018)
Henry R. Amen (2018)
Theodore P. Edwards (2018)
Robert A. Seminara (2018)
James E. Spencer (2018)