Have You Made an Adjustment to Your Malpractice Insurance?


April 24, 2020


Second District has received a number of calls from members looking to save expenses where possible. One such expense, malpractice insurance premiums, MAY be reduced by the carrier if the member fits the criteria for the "part-time" dentist category. By doing so, the member may qualify for reduced premiums, and in some cases, a retroactive reduction to the date of the Governor's initial shutdown order.


If you are insured by the SDDS and NYSDA endorsed carrier, MLMIC, you should send your email request to lfernandez@mlmic.com. Include your name and policy number with the email request. She will reach out and send a part-time application to be completed.

For members insured by a different carrier, you should call the carrier directly.


Additional information:

MLMIC COVID-19 Support for Insureds