Sponsored Programs


The following programs have been reviewed and approved by the SDDS Board of Trustees as sponsored programs for the benefit of the members of the Second District Dental Society. We strongly suggest that when in the market for your office or professional needs, you consider these sponsored programs first. And don’t forget to always identify yourself as a current member of Second District Dental Society and the New York State Dental Association to receive preferred program information.



SDDS Job Board

Looking for an Associate? Seeking Employment? Second District offers complimentary employment classified advertising to members in good standing. Please call (718) 522-3939 or send us an email for details on placing an employment listing. To view current listing, please visit www.sddsny.org/classifieds.


Dental Malpractice Insurance

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC)

The preferred malpractice program of Second District and the New York State Dental Association is a members-only benefit. For information and application, contact MLMIC directly at (800) 683-7769 or visit their website at www.mlmic.com.


Credit Card Processing for your office

Benchmark Payment Networks

The preferred program for processing credit card payments for your patients at very competitive rates is available to all Second District members. For information, contact Benchmark Payment Networks at (631) 659-3664.


Financial Services

Bank of America

  1. For personal credit card application, call (800) 932-2775
  2. For business card application, call (866) 570-1601
  3. For Bank of America Practice Solutions information, call (800) 497-6076


Office Recycling Program

GREYMART Environmental Services

Regulatory mandates to recover silver halide from your office x-ray solution and scrap amalgam or elemental mercury can be easily and affordably met using a variety of programs tailored for your office available through GREYMART Environmental Services. For information call GREYMART at (718) 384-2144, or email info@greymart.com.


Automated External Defibrillators

AED Professionals

New York State regulations require dental offices to have an AED device on-site beginning January 1, 2012. Second District has had in place for a number of years a preferred pricing program with AED Professionals. Endorsed by NYSDA, you can call them at (888) 541-2337 to explore an affordable AED option for your office. 


Payroll Services


As a special member benefit, Second District members receive a 25% discount off ADP's services. Contact Juan Majano, Senior Discount Manager, at (732) 859-9959 or via email at juan.majano@adp.com.


X-Ray Machine Inspection Services

The NY CRESO inspection services of Martin Schnee are available to Second District Dental Society members at a competitive rate. For further information and to register for an appointment, please contact Mr. Schnee at (718) 986-4996. 


Amalgam Separator

Second District has secured an outstanding membership benefit for all our members seeking a solution to the amalgam separator mandate. We have negotiated a cooperative discount with R & D Services, Inc. to provide you their top rated amalgam separator, the Amalgam CollectorTM, at a 10% discount from their listed retail prices. You must identify yourself as a Second District member to receive your 10% discount. The Amalgam Collector is available directly through R & D Services, Inc. at (800) 816-4995 and is also available from the following local distributors (there is no cost difference between distributors):


Mini-Max Dental Repair and Equipment 631-242-0321
Brooklyn Dental Equipment 908-309-4202 or 732-615-2375
Southview Dental Equipment 516-426-8903 or 516-318-2814
Tri-State Dental Equipment 908-709-1793
Benco Dental Contact your local sales representative
Henry Schein Contact your local sales representative


Drug and Alcohol Problems Support

Today, many of our patients are abusing a diverse assortment of drugs. Both patients and dentists can fall prey to addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. Addiction can have a devastating impact on a dentist's ability to practice. Too many of our colleagues have lost their practices, their families and even their lives to addiction. Sadly, they often fail to seek help due to fear that others will learn their secret. They do not realize that their colleagues, staff, families and patients may already know their secret.


Second District Dental Society - part of the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) - is committed to aiding our colleagues in addressing substance abuse and addiction. NYSDA's Committee on Chemical Dependency provides a statewide network of dentist-peers who are available to assist members, their families, and the dental office staff in addressing problems with drugs or alcohol. The Committee includes dentists who have experienced both the devastation of addiction and the effectiveness of intervention and treatment in their own lives. Funding is available for dentists who need in-patient treatment but do not have the financial resources to get it.


Practicing a profession while impaired can result in a charge of unprofessional conduct. When you speak with our Peer Assistance Coordinator, Dr. Bob Herzog - or any of the Committee's members, your interactions are confidential and non-punitive. The Committee never refers a dentist to OPD or any other agency. When a dentist's license is at risk, the Committee can help the dentist protect his/her license and privilege to practice through the New York State Education Department's Professional Assistance Program (PAP).


If you or a colleague is struggling with addiction, it is easy to get help. Contact Dr. Judi Shub at NYSDA, 1 (800) 255-2100, or Dr. Bob Herzog at (716) 830-3055. Your call is confidential.


For additional information, visit NYSDA's website at www.nysdental.org.


Donated Dental Services (DDS)

One factor that distinguishes a profession is its demonstration of social responsibility. The Second District Dental Society endorses Donated Dental Services (DDS) - a program that helps our most vulnerable neighbors: disabled, elderly or medically compromised individuals. These people cannot afford treatment and cannot obtain public aid. This program was designed by dentists and for dentists. It is operated by the Dental Lifeline Network through a DDS coordinator right here in the metropolitan area.


DDS makes volunteering easy.

  • DDS patients are screened for eligibility. Through the intake process, the DDS coordinator screens all potential patients for eligibility. The patients must be elderly, disabled or medically compromised without the financial resources to pay for treatment
  • You decide whom you will treat. You’ll be contacted by the coordinator who will then send you information about the patient in the form of a patient profile. You decide if you would like to see and subsequently treat the patient. You do not have to leave your office.
  • You work in the convenience of your own office. The DDS coordinator deals with transportation and other issues to make sure patients get to your office.
  • You determine the treatment.
  • No paperwork or administrative responsibilities. Just complete a simple postcard after your work is done.
  • Reliable and appreciative patients. Applicants are grateful for your help and know that they must be on time for all appointments. Failure to be prompt can result in dismissal from the program

If you would like to offer your services, please call (888) 471-6334 or visit the following link to the Dental Lifeline Network DDS website and submit the online volunteer form: Join the DDS volunteer corps. Let us show that the Second District Cares.