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We'd like to invite all members of our society to submit articles that they feel may be of interest to others in our society. These may be of events, thoughts or issues that have taken place or those that are to come. This could be on a professional or personal level. A great course, a good deal for a family outing, thoughts on staff issues... one's mind is the limit. That is, one's mind and the approval of the Publications Committee. We look forward to hearing from you.



COVID-19 Updates


SDDS Shares Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisories

Do you have questions about the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVAD-19)? View the latest advisories from the ADA including FAQs and referrals to government agencies for assistance.

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SDDS 2020 Dental Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Awards up to $10,000 for eligible new dentists. 2020 application period OPEN NOW!

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Important Security Update for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Users

On January 14, Microsoft issued a free software patch to fix a major security flaw in its Windows 10 operating system.

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Second District Leaders Meet With Brooklyn Elected Officials

On Wednesday evening, November 13, a few Second District leaders met with various State and City officials at an EDPAC-sponsored reception.  

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X-Ray Inspection Alert – Act Quickly to Avoid Enforcement Action

The NYC Health Department - Office of Radiological Health is about to commence enforcement action against hundreds of dental offices in the city that have expired inspections of x-ray units.

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Measles Alert

Brooklyn finds itself as a center of activity with the ongoing outbreak of measles. For those of our membership practicing in the affected areas where the outbreak has hit, Second District would like to bring the following up-to-date information and advice to you from the NYC Health Department.

2019 Children's Dental Health Month Poster Contest Winners Announced

As part of its 2019 Children’s Dental Health Month activities, SDDS held its annual poster contest in which preschool through high school students in Brooklyn and Staten Island were invited to submit posters that communicated a dental hygiene message.

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Proposed SDDS Bylaws Amendments

The following proposed amendments to the SDDS Bylaws were approved by the Board of Trustees at the March 4, 2019 meeting of the Board. They will be brought to the membership for a vote at the March 14, 2019 General Membership Meeting.

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New Treatment Plan Requirement for Opioid Prescribing

Effective April 1, 2018, New York State is requiring a written treatment plan be included in a patient’s medical record if a practitioner prescribes opioids for pain that has lasted more than three months or past the time of normal tissue healing.

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And the Winners Were...

Second District donated ten raffle prizes for attendees of the annual Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) Volunteer Recognition meeting and dinner.

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New Regulations Effective NOW - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Earlier this year, both the State of New York and the City of New York passed sexual harassment prevention legislation that ultimately affects employers in the State of New York.

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Warning: OSHA and HIPAA Training Mailing

NYSDA/SDDS members continue to receive misleading mailings marketing training programs in OSHA and HIPAA compliance.

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ADA Simplifies Credentialing Process for Dentists

The ADA® credentialing service, powered by CAQH ProView® is making it easier to submit and maintain your credentials in one central place. To see how this service can save you time and reduce your administrative burden visit: Read the full ADA press release here: ADA-and-CAQH-Release.pdf


X-ray Machine Registration Information

Permit Renewal Instructions

New Office Permit Registration Instructions


NYSDF Mandatory Opioid Prescribing Course Now Available Online

Recent changes to NYS Public Health Law now mandate that dentists in New York State with a current Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number must complete a course in opioid prescribing/pain management on or before July 1, 2017 AND every three years after that.

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Member Support for Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Addiction can have a devastating impact on a dentist's ability to practice. Our Dental Association is committed to aiding our colleagues in addressing substance abuse and addiction. If you or a colleague is struggling with addiction, help is available.

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Medicare Advantage Plan Reimbursement

Do you have patients over the age of 65 with dental insurance? To receive reimbursement from a Medicare Advantage Plan the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires you to enroll with Medicare as either a provider or ordering/referring provider.

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FDA Bans Powdered Medical Gloves

On December 19, 2016, the FDA published a final rule banning powdered gloves based on the unreasonable and substantial risk of illness or injury to individuals exposed to the powdered gloves.

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MetLife EFT Payments Notice

MetLife has re-issued letters advising that, "As of March 20, 2017, electronic funds transfer (EFT) will be our only method of provider reimbursement". The letter further states that "You’ll be required to enroll in EFT on or before March 20, 2017."

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NYSDOH Adopts Regulations Authorizing All Dental Assistants to Take CBCT Scans

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has adopted, effective November 2, 2016, regulations that authorize dental assistants of any type to take cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans after demonstrating satisfactory completion of a training program approved by NYSDOH or one provided by the CBCT equipment manufacture.

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CMS Delays Medicare Part D Enforcement Date To 2019

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has announced that it is once again delaying enforcement of the Medicare Part D prescriber enrollment requirement. Providers now need to enroll by January 1, 2019 instead of by February 1, 2017.

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NYSDOH Updates to Electronic Prescribing Exception Practicioner Reporting Requirement

Effective September 30, 2016, use of an exception to the e-prescribing mandate no longer requires an e-mail notification to the New York State Department of Health. Read more


Enforcement of Medicare Part D Prescriber Enrollment Delayed

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have announced that they will delay enforcement of Medicare Part D Prescriber enrollment until February 1, 2017.

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Mandatory Electronic Prescribing Effective March 27, 2016

Do not wait! Now is the time to take action and order and implement the NYSDA-endorsed ePrescribe software solution to ensure that you can meet this requirement.

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MLMIC Declares 7.5% Special Dividend

MLMIC is pleased to announce a 7.5% Special Dividend for all of their policyholders.

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Electronic Prescribing Update

As part of New York’s I-STOP legislation, electronic prescribing of both controlled and non-controlled substances becomes mandatory on March 27, 2015. To view the latest guidance from the New York State Dental Association on the new law, please view the following link: NYSDA Electronic Prescribing Update.


I-STOP/PMP - Prescription Monitoring Program Registry Update

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has posted a notice advising dentists what they should do after August 27, 2013, if they have experienced a delay in obtaining an HCS account. This statement is posted on the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement’s website here:


FDA Issues Recall Alert on Flowmeters for Nitrous Oxide Delivery System

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week issued a "Class I" recall alert on Accutron, Inc.'s Ultra PC% cabinet mount flowmeters for nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation systems. The agency's safety alert and recall notice are available at the FDA web site.

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ADA Response to Study on Dental X-Rays

CNN and a number of major television networks recently reported on an article appearing in Cancer journal which cites a possible link between dental x-rays and brain tumors. The ADA has also released a complete statement on the study available here.


State Cuts Medicaid Payments

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Free Electronic Provider Assisted Claim Entry System (ePACES) for Medicaid Providers

Do you submit paper Medicaid claims to EMedNY? Consider the convenience of using ePACES, the Electronic Provider Assisted Claim Entry System, a web-based software application free to enrolled Medicaid Providers.

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PCI Compliance Guidance for Dental Offices Processing Credit Cards

To protect credit card information and cardholder data, all merchants that process credit card transactions must comply with credit card industry standards known as PCI DSS.

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NOMAD Hand-Held X-Ray Device NYC Registration Update

The NYC Office of Radiological Health will be following the same process as the New York State Department of Health to register the NOMAD hand-held x-ray device in New York City.

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National Provider Identifier (NPI)

Click here to find out what the NPI is, if you need it and how to get it.


Amalgam Separator Regulations

For more information on this issue and preparing your practice to meet regulation expectations click here.