X-Ray Inspection Alert – Act Quickly
Avoid Enforcement Action


May 7, 2019


The NYC Health Department - Office of Radiological Health is about to commence enforcement action against hundreds of dental offices in the city that have expired inspections of x-ray units. Inspections are to be done with reports filed every 5 years. Your name MAY appear on the current list of offices that have not had their CRESO inspections of office x-ray units done. Be it lost documentation, failure to send, clerical error, postal / email error, never got it done, or my personal favorite, "the dog ate my homework," regardless of the reason, right now your priority is to avoid potential enforcement action and fines.


The deputy director of the Bureau of Radiological Health has assured us that if you send them a copy of a current CRESO report right away (that means one that was done in the last 5 years before your due date), they will update your records and you should avoid a B$G problem. You need to do this within the next 30 days or you most certainly will be facing enforcement action.


Our suggestion is that you carefully take the following steps (and to the letter of the instructions provided):

  1. Call the Office of Radiological Health at (718) 310-2840 to check if they have a current inspection report for your office on file. You will need to provide them with your CamisID number, also known as your registration number. Jot down the date of the last inspection report they have on file.

  2. If they do not have a current report on file, meaning, if you are delinquent and haven't had the inspection done in over five years from the last date on file, you must immediately arrange to have the inspection done and send the report to them within 60 days. Second District recommends calling Marty Schnee, a private CRESO that will provide that service for a fee. Tell him you are a member of Second District. He can be reached at scientist004@aol.com or call (718) 373-6348. Once your inspection is done, you must send the report to Radiological Health. The responsibility to send the report is yours, NOT the inspector’s!

  3. If Radiological Health does not have a current report on file but you have had an inspection done within the last 5 years, search your office records for a copy of the CRESO report, scan it and resend it to the Office of Radiological Health. If you do not have a copy, contact the CRESO that performed the inspection and request him/her to immediately send you a copy.


All reports can be submitted by mail or email. We would suggest you do it both ways as follows:

By certified mail receipt requested to:

Office of Radiological Health
42-09 28th Street CN60
Queens, NY 11101

and by email to: ORH@health.nyc.gov with the following information in the subject heading "Cycle CRESO Report" and your CamisID / registration number.


As with any dealings with a regulatory agency, keep copies of all documentation and records of communication, including postal receipts. If you’d like, you may also send a copy of your email (ONLY!!) to SDDS at bhackett@sddsny.org. Please do not snail-mail us paper documentation.


Remember, you must take care of this within 30 days. Do not delay!