Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM)



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Meeting Dates:
November 26December 1, 2021

Exhibit Dates
November 28–December 1, 2021 


The Second District Dental Society is both unique and very fortunate for a number of reasons. Our volunteers are exemplary on all levels; local, statewide and nationally. As a local component, we are far better represented on all levels of organized dentistry's tripartite system than nearly every other local society in the U.S. We have much to be proud of!


An even more unique SDDS achievement, one for which our small local district is recognized, admired and renowned is our Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). This phenomenal achievement is wholly owned and managed by the SDDS and our partner district, the New York County Dental Society.


Together, we began many years ago what has now become the largest, most prestigious annual Dental Meeting in the nation and one of the premier annual Dental Congresses in the world! In 2019, the Meeting attracted over 52,000 attendees, more than 19,000 of them dentists. Attendees came from all 50 states and U.S. territories as well as an incredible 146 nations! Indeed, a phenomenal achievement for a small local dental society!


Now, we hope you don't think that this wonderful accomplishment just "happens." Or do you? The GNYDM requires the dedication and hard work of each and every SDDS member, each and every year, to maintain its presence and continue its growth. Besides the prestige the GNYDM gives to our district, it provides an income which allows us to have minimal local dues compared to all other component societies in the ADA. Furthermore, it allows us to provide an outstanding CE program for our members at little or no cost. We have been recognized for providing a number of community programs to local organizations and schools in both Brooklyn and Staten Island. We have been extremely successful at community outreach, once again, thanks to the outstanding, selfless commitment of our member volunteers.


In spite of our good fortune, it is vital to our ongoing success to have an ever increasing, ever renewing and ever revitalizing cadre of member volunteers. We understand that present times require our members to be chairside for more hours than in previous years. Nevertheless, volunteering adds enormous intangible rewards to us personally and professionally and is an extremely important factor if one is to maintain professional balance and fulfillment.


By volunteering for the SDDS, we serve our colleagues coming together in a professional/collegial atmosphere. This environment allows us to share our common experiences, question each other regarding dentistry, practice management and any other common topic. We have so much information to share with each other, information that can benefit us and our colleagues in our practices and, not surprisingly, in our personal lives. This is our own group therapy session! 


We need you! Consider volunteering one day or more at the GNYDM. You will experience the camaraderie that is unique to our wonderful profession. You will come away rejuvenated and reinvigorated. In addition, you will gain valuable CE information and credit hours at not cost. Finally, you will have an opportunity to visit and benefit from one of the largest, most complete exhibit floors in existence. 


Sign up! Attend! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Meeting registration and volunteer information will be announced later this year. Click the link below to vist the GNYDM website and learn more.