Peer Review


Complaint Resolution Process


"I am having a great deal of difficulty trying to wear the new dentures that my dentist made for me. Can you help me?"


"Ever since my dentist put a crown on my tooth, I can't chew on that side. What can I do about it?"


When our office receives phone calls from patients who have complaints about their dentists, we take these inquiries very seriously. And, if the dentist in question is a member of the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA), then we may be able to help.


Peer Review is a service, provided free of charge, to the public. Its purpose is to help protect patients, and help resolve disputes regarding the appropriateness of care and quality of treatment rendered by member dentists.


Our Peer Review Committee consists of volunteer dentists who resolve patient complaints. The committee examines the dentist's records, x-rays, treatment in question and comes to a decision. Member dentists are required to participate in, and to abide by, the committee's decisions.


Patient complaints are handled quickly, courteously, and in a non-confrontational manner. For further information, contact our office staff at (718) 522-3939 or view A Guide to Peer Review.