President's Message


Dr. Paul Albicocco    

Dear Colleagues:


I want to start by thanking everyone for their support and confidence in allowing me the privilege to serve as president of Second District Dental Society (SDDS) in 2020. I also want to thank the many volunteers who have taken time out of their lives, whether it be office or family time, and to acknowledge the dedication all of them have shown to SDDS, the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) and of course, to the ADA. We would not be where we are today without their efforts. Thanks also to our executive director, Mr. Bernard Hackett, and the very talented SDDS staff, who are the heart and soul of keeping our Society on the cutting edge. Our component has put together a multidisciplinary list of continuing education courses to assist our membership in maintaining the highest quality and standards of care in their dental offices. Thanks to Drs. Babak Bina, James Sconzo and William Bongiorno, for compiling a diverse list of lectures that will serve our members well. As always, the Dr. Irving E. Gruber Memorial Lecture and Dr. Meryl J. Efron memorial lectures look to be well attended, so please be sure to register as early as possible.


As an SDDS Board member, I have often been asked what our representatives do on the state and local levels to benefit our membership. I always emphasize that we cannot stand alone in our practices as the dental environment continues to change. No words put to paper can ever fully describe what is done and the discussions that happen during the many committee meetings comprised of volunteers. The SDDS bylaws list 27 standing committees that form the foundation of the Society. I have personally served on a number of these committees and councils, including the NYSDA Council on Dental Education and Licensure. This council continues to serve as the catch basin for many issues that arise during daily treatment of patients including scope of practice issues, expanded access to care, new technologies and regulations such as CT imaging and licensing issues. The New York State Education Department, which oversees many of the dental licensing requirements, relies on NYSDA’s expertise to minimize the fees and monitoring of equipment that we utilize serving our patients’ dental needs.


Another important committee that serves as a member benefit is the Peer Review and Quality Assurance Committee, which is tasked with reviewing complaints initiated by patients against SDDS members. These issues are resolved quickly and without any detrimental effects on the member’s license or insurance coverage. This and many other SDDS committees cannot function without the volunteers who help make them successful. The SDDS has seen the need to encourage new membership throughout the years and has looked at the new graduates and residency programs to help encourage new membership. Our mentorship and the student loan forgiveness programs have brought the newly graduating dentists to our monthly Board meetings to show them what is going on to help them and our members. We have seen that these new graduate dentists see what is going on and are encouraged to participate with excitement in bringing issues important to them to the Board.


The pinnacle of our society and most important revenue source of our society is the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM), which SDDS co-sponsors with New York County Dental Society (NYCDS). The revenue our Society receives from this Meeting allows us to do so many things for our members, including funding the loan forgiveness program, organizing community outreach activities and offering members a free CE voucher and other membership discounts, just to mention a few. GNYDM Executive Director Dr. Edwab, along with the general chairpersons and the Organization Committee, have taken on the role of making the changes necessary to keep the GNYDM competitive and distinguished from other meetings that have seen a remarkable decline in participation. The many volunteers from both SDDS and NYCDS not only allow the Meeting to welcome national and international participants to see the very latest in dental technology, but it also serves as one of the greatest educational resources in the world. The hard work of the many volunteers that make OUR Meeting the greatest in the nation can never be overstated. Without the volunteers, this Meeting would surely never have the impact we have grown accustomed to seeing. I want to encourage anyone that has not volunteered at this Meeting to do so and believe me, you will see the importance of your contribution not only for yourself, but for the Society.


As a Board member and dentist practicing in New York State, I have seen some legislative changes that have a great impact at both the state and national levels. Through the continuing support of the Empire Dental Political Action Committee (EDPAC), we have seen our supportive legislation take on insurance companies, trial lawyers and government agencies attempting to impose rules and regulations that make little sense and may undermine our practices and the patients we are treating. I ask that we support this committee, as well as the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC), in keeping the legislative bodies that want to over regulate and may pass regulations that have a negative impact on our members.


Paul S. Albicocco, DMD

2020 Second District Dental Society President