2017 President's Message


 Dr. Gabriel D. Ariola

Dear Colleagues,


It is my privilege and honor to serve as your 2017 President of the Second District Dental Society. Often, I am asked the question – what does the SDDS do for me? My answer to that question is, what DOESN’T it do? The SDDS bylaws list 27 different standing committees and many of them define the structure and administration of the Society. In general, these committees are not familiar to members. It should be our intention to make all benefits known by educating and guiding our colleagues, especially the young dentists, who are our future leaders. These committees, manned by volunteers, help in the solving of stressful problems confronting our members. Here, are just a few that illustrate the value of membership. The Peer Review and Quality Assurance Committee, which conducts reviews of complaints lodged involving quality of care and determines their disposition without any detrimental effects to the member's license. The District Claims Committee, our members' protector, which works with SDDS-endorsed providers of professional liability insurance to protect the valid interests of our members. The Governmental Affairs Committee monitors all pending and passed legislation that affects the practice of dentistry and makes recommendations for actions and dissemination to the membership.


Membership is the cornerstone of any organization. Our component has been blessed with great past and present leaders. Dentistry is constantly changing and many mandates are being imposed on our profession. We must work together as a team in order to withstand the constant bombardment of new legislature. The SDDS is a very passionate component. I like to call us the personal component because we are truly united in all fronts. When Hurricane Sandy hit in October 2012 and many of our members suffered devastating damages to their homes and offices, Second District’s Benevolent Fund Committee came to the financial aid of so many in dire need of assistance. This act also demonstrated how compassionate we are as a component. In fact, the SDDS has been very generous in giving donations to the New York State Dental Foundation and others.


There are other benefits of membership which include free document shredding events annually, a free voucher each calendar year for any course offered by Second District, and one free CE credit for attending the four general membership meetings held every year. The dental practice discounts that are granted to members by the Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) are also a great benefit. These are just a few examples showing the value of your SDDS membership. But if we, as a group, do not spread the word to both members and non-members, many individuals will remain in the dark about the value of our great Society. By spreading the word, we can all be agents of change and beacons of light. This would help in recruitment and retention, thus preventing loss of membership that has been occurring for the past several years.


Under the tutelage of SDDS past president, Dr. Medrano-Saldaña, a mentorship program was initiated for dental residents and new dentists. It is my intention to expand on this program throughout the year because the future of our Society rests upon our ability to attract this new generation of professionals. Many of our distinguished leaders serve on all levels of the tripartite. These are individuals who have been recognized in the fields of academics, research and community service. As mentors, it is our fiduciary responsibility to groom these young dentists in order to keep the SDDS leadership tradition. It is imperative that all members take advantage of the value of membership but at the same time I feel members should give something back. Volunteering at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the largest dental meeting in the United States, is one way of showing your appreciation as the GNYDM generates income that allows our Society member benefit opportunities. Another way to give back is to support the Empire Political Action Committee (EDPAC), the voice for dentistry. EDPAC takes on government agencies, insurance companies, trial lawyers or anyone else attempting to impose laws, rules and regulations upon our profession that make no sense, undermine our practices and ultimately, put our patients at risk. I ask our members to support EDPAC when called upon. Finally, volunteering to serve on one of the standing committees would be greatly appreciated.


In conclusion, I am your president and will do everything in my power to represent our Society with the greatest of dignity. I will be available 24/7 for all members who need assistance. My email is adrmolar01@aol.com and my cell phone is (917) 578-2582. Our Society is comprised of individuals who are "the best of the finest" and always willing to help members navigate the various challenges that are increasingly entering the realm of dental practice. I would like to congratulate Dr. Mitchell Mindlin for his successful completion of his term as president and I would be remiss if I did not thank all of those members who supported and believed in me over all these years. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming SDDS events. Let's all have a healthy, happy and successful New Year.



Gabriel D. Ariola, D.D.S.

2017 President of Second District Dental Society